Neutrons Canada was launched on December 1 to lead Canada’s infrastructure program for research with neutron beams (official news release).

Neutrons Canada is a critical part of the national strategy to rebuild Canadian capacity for materials research with neutron beams, following the 2018 closure of the NRU reactor at the Chalk River Laboratories.

The purpose of Neutrons Canada is to govern, manage, and represent Canada’s infrastructure program for research and development with neutron beams, including international partnerships that secure access to world-leading neutron laboratories, operation of Canada’s domestic neutron beam facilities, and national initiatives for future neutron sources, thereby enabling Canadians to address major social and economic challenges.

The creation of Neutrons Canada is the culmination of 6 years of work of the Canadian Neutron Initiative working group. The working group led 15 founding members, which are Canadian universities contributing to the rebuilding of Canada’s infrastructure program, to establish Neutrons Canada.

TVB Associates is pleased to have played a strategic role in Neutrons Canada’s creation, advising the working group and founding members throughout their work.

Author: Daniel Banks, President, TVB Associates Inc.
Photo: Launch of Neutrons Canada
Client article: Neutrons Canada launched to lead infrastructure program for research with neutron beams (Dec 7, 2022)