Scientific Consulting Services

Specializing in strategy, development, and operations of major research infrastructure, including neutron beam facilities
Strategy Securing funding

  • Infrastructure roadmapping
  • Proposal development
  • Government relations
  • Development Delivering capital projects

  • Research project management
  • Instrument design
  • Data acquisition and instrument control system design
  • Operations Realizing public benefits

  • Program management
  • Governance and policy advice
  • Performance and impact measurement
  • Science communications
  • $47M
    Funding secured for capital or operations of research infrastructure
    Value of funding proposals underway
    University Clients
    Value of all funding proposals for research infrastructure, led or advised on


    I have been involved with proposal development for over 25 years and no previous contractors have delivered the value we realised from our engagement with Daniel. We consider him a real "find" and look forward to working with him again on our next funding proposal.
    Lynda Moore

    Director, Supply and Service at CMC Microsystems

    This is honestly the strongest CFI proposal I have seen (including my own). It truly gets top marks on all of the CFI criteria.
    Grant Application Reviewer
    Daniel Banks is one of those rare individuals with a scientific background who not only appreciates public communications and strategy, but also has professional level skill in both. We need more of his kind.
    Dick Bourgeois-Doyle

    Author and former Secretary General of the National Research Council of Canada

    For eleven years, Daniel has played a key role as a strategic thinker in the development and implementation of key initiatives for Canada’s capabilities for materials research. He is a conscientious advisor, who conducts background research thoroughly, following good practices in supporting conclusions with traceable, objective evidence.  He analyzes complex scientific issues, proposes feasible solutions to policy challenges, and articulates the practical impacts of research to non-experts. For example, Daniel developed a narrative vision of the future of Canadian materials research with neutron beams, which supported a university Vice-President of Research to form a working group with executive leaders from academia, government and industry to establish a pan-Canadian, university-led neutron-beam program:  the “Canadian Neutron Initiative” (CNI).  He engaged additional stakeholders, attracting 16 organizations from across Canada to participate in the CNI working group. He wrote the CNI’s $20M/yr funding request, which was endorsed by the House of Commons Finance Committee for the 2018 and 2019 federal budgets.

    John Root, Director, Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation

    News & Views

    Science policy, major research facilities, research strategy, professional productivity
    4 Nov. 2021

    The Need for Highly Qualified Staff at Core Research Facilities: An Analogy with Medical Diagnostics

    Many universities are developing “core facilities”—i.e., research infrastructure that is open to researchers from across the university and that may be available to outside users as well. Operating core facilities so a wide range of researchers can access sp[...]

    21 Jun. 2021

    Proposals to fund national facilities are more successful, new data shows

    Consolidating research infrastructure into national facilities that support large user communities can be an effective use of resources and can enable scientific progress that is often not possible using smaller local facilities (generally referred to as “co[...]

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